Monday, October 31, 2016

Waka Ama Made By Chevylee

Waka Ama

On Monday the 31 of October our class did Waka Ama with Matua Rob every Monday.  He teaches us how to hold the hoe / paddles and how to use them in the water. Waka Ama is when 6 people are in a canoe with an Ama out the side steadying the boat. All of our class carried the Waka Ama down to the sea and 5 people in our class put life jackets on and got in. The first lot of people were Kartell, Aliyah, Patience, Billie and me, Matua Rob was the back steerer. We pushed off and we started paddling, I was in seat 2 which meant I was a front steerer along with Patience who was in seat 1. We paddled out past the parked up boats in front of the bridge, then kept paddling for a bit. Me and Patience were told to draw our paddles under the boat to steer while the others paddle, so we did. When the Waka Ama turned where we wanted it to be, we all started paddling again. As we got to the shore some people in our class held the Waka Ama still so we could get out and give our life jackets to the people who hadn’t had a turn. People went out in groups of five, came back and swapped and so on. Our class did Waka Ama until around 2 o’clock then went back to school.  Waka Ama was so much fun.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

World Of Maths Made by Chevylee

World Of Maths

On the 31st of October we had World of Maths. World of Maths visited us with games for learning that make maths fun. My favourite game from World of Maths was called balance beam. We had to use glass rings to balance out each side, and make the beam look like what was on the picture. Next time I will try to make my own rule around the beam. I enjoyed playing the World of Maths games.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Procedure Writing : By Chevylee

We are learning how to write procedure writing. I think I did well in writing out the materials and steps. Next time I think I could make the writing bigger and easier to see. I enjoyed writing instructions.

How To Wash The Dishes

- A Sink
- Hot Water
- Dishwashing Liquid
- Dirty Dishes
- Dishcloth
- Dish Scrubber
- Dish Rack
- Empty bench

1. Fill the sink with hot water, but not too hot you should be able to put your hands in.

2. Squirt around 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid into the sink while the water is running.

3. Put the dish cloth and dish scrubber into the sink.

4. Put your dish rack on your empty bench.

5. Put the dishes in the sink, start by putting the cutlery and cups in the sink.

6. Start washing the cups, use the dishcloth or dish scrubber to clean the insides of the cups then rinse the inside of the cups with warm water from the tap.

7. Put your clean cups in the dish rack.

8. Use the dishcloth or dish scrubber to clean the cutlery next.

9. Put your clean cutlery in the dish rack.

10. Put your bowls in the sink and use the dishcloth to clean the inside and outside of your bowls.

11. Put your clean bowls in the dish rack.

12. Put your bread plates in the sink and use the dishcloth to clean them.

13. Put your clean bread plates in the dish rack.

14. Put your plates in the sink and again use the dishcloth to clean them.

15. Put your clean plates in the dish rack.

16. Put the rest of your dishes (if you have any) in the sink and clean them with the dishcloth or dish scrubber.

17. Put your clean dishes in the dish rack.