Monday, July 31, 2017

Writing Goals

Last week was the first week of term 3 and Te Ngahere had to set 3 writing goals. Te Ngahere’s WALT was to identify our next learning goals in writing. We had to choose goals that would help us to improve in organisation, and sentence structure, we also had to do one of the goals (if we had any) that we didn’t complete last term. Once we had chosen our goals and put them in our goals slide, we had to make a google drawing of our writing goals. We could decorate our google drawing and change the background. We were able to decorate it however we liked but it had to be readable. We made our google drawings to print out and put on the walls of Te Ngahere so we knew what our goals were. Our writing goals google drawing will also bring more colour to our walls.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Family Art Representation

Last term Te Ngahere and Te Maunga drew koru and kowhaiwhai patterns. First we did practises with crayons and A4 pieces of paper. We had to use the crayons to practise how to keep the koru the same width all the way. After our practises we moved on to our family representation art. We did drafts to create our own design that represents the people in our family. We then had to draw our design (with pencil) lightly onto a smaller piece of paper and paint it with metallic shiny colours. After we finished with the paint we traced our koru’s with vivid. We made this art to decorate our Whare. We learnt how to draw koru and kowhaiwhai patterns to represent people. Making our koru and kowhaiwhai patterns was fun!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Waitangi Treaty Grounds By Chevylee

Last week on Tuesday our whole school went to visit the Waitangi Treaty Grounds. The juniors went earlier than us they went when the bell for school to start we went at lunch time. We walked the whole way there and back, while we were there we did Maori games and activities. We made manu aute out of Nikou, we played lots of other fun games. We finished our games and activities then moved on to planting plants and trees. We paired up and one of the people in the group got a troul while the other one got a young plant. We were lucky to be able to plant the plants there one of the Waitangi Treaty Grounds Staff said, she said that we were lucky because only certain people got to plant in this special space. I had so much fun at the Treaty Grounds but sadly that was my last time to be able to go on this trip as a student with the school because I am a year 8 and this is my last year at school. :’(