Sunday, September 4, 2016

French Court Stop Burkini Ban


  1. Hi Chevylee,

    My name is Iverson I am a year 6 student I go to Tautoro school.
    I really enjoyed reading your Presentation I thought it was amazing. I use to learn with thinking hats and It also helped me. One thing I thought you could work on would maybe to share a little bit more of the article or even put the article on your slide. Papai whakapaukaha.

  2. Hi my name is Lilly I am a year 5 student from ohaeawai primary school I really enjoyed reading your presentation.I thought it was amazing.

  3. Nga mihi o te ata Chevylee

    Ko Aja-Marie toku ingoa. I was having a look at your post and it seems interesting. We have also been doing this kind of work at Te Kura O Waima, the year 3-5 are the ones who do this. the year 6-8 have been doing other work. I hope you visit my blog sometime. Bye!!!