Thursday, February 16, 2017

That Was Summer By Chevylee



Spying on the fluffy white lambs as they pranced around
Image result for baby lambsFeeding them crispy, green grass in the morning?
Image result for baby lambsSo they could be bouncy and energetic for the day
Listening to their cute lamb calls to their mothers
Seeing their mothers scurrying over to their lambs
Watching them as they jump and play in the warm summer sun

That Was Summer

I was learning to write a descriptive piece of writing, and how to use interesting adjectives. I think I did well in choice of words to describe the lambs and what they were doing. I think I could improve my writing next time by remembering to use my commas in a list before I get my work checked. I really enjoyed writing about my summer. It was fun thinking about all the different adjectives I could use to describe the lambs behaviour.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Chevylee
    I think that you did really well. I liked that you were describing the lamb, and that pouching around.

    Great Work.