Monday, September 18, 2017

Superhero To The Rescue

A few weeks ago in Te Ngahere my reading group (Freya, Lily, Tessa, Arihia, Astin and me) did a reading task on a play called Superhero. We were learning to answer questions related to the topic. Superhero is a play we had to read and then answer questions about the play.

Here is my questions and answers:

1.  What is the setting for this play?
The setting for this play is at a school playground.

2.  Who do you think has the best lunch and why?
I think that Josh has the best lunch because some of the kids wanted his lunch instead of theirs and did swaps.

3.  When did Superhero appear in comics?
Superhero appeared in comics in the early twentieth century.

4. What do members of the Coalition of Cartoon Characters aim to do?
Members of the Coalition of Cartoon Characters aim to stop bullying in all forms.

5. List 3 types of bullying.
Cyber bullying, rumour spreading, name calling.

6. What do you think is the author’s message in this play?
I think that the author’s message is that you should not react to bullying with violence and that you should not act without a full story.

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