Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Why Our School Should Be Allowed To Have Our Own Lockers

Why Our School Should Be Allowed To Have Our Own Lockers

I think that we should be allowed to have our own lockers.

Firstly with our bags hanging on hooks people can steal from them whether they are open or closed. People have had things stolen from them before. With your own lockers you have your very own combination code so nobody can get into your locker and steal your things.

Secondly we should have lockers because the cloak rooms can get pretty messy. The cloak rooms get messy because people leave their things lying around. Their clothes, lunch or whatever they have in their bags can fall out and that is another way people can steal things. With lockers all your property goes inside your locker. If your locker is messy then it is your problem, not everyone who has their bag hanging in the cloakroom or has a locker. For example since we have cloak rooms when somebody makes a mess, leaves or drops their property in the cloakroom everyone has to deal with it. This is why lockers are much tidier than cloak rooms.

Thirdly lockers have shelves, hooks, and holders inside of them. You can even add more into them like mirrors; you can stick reminders on the door of your locker, headphone holders and much more. Lockers hold all of your property you’d like it to, and this is why I think we should have lockers.

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