Monday, March 6, 2017

The Tangelo By Chevylee

The Tangelo

The Tangelo was a soft orangy colour and a bumpy oval shape. The Tangelo’s outside smelt strong and sour and felt like a mix of hard and soft. As I peeled my Tangelo I could smell a sweet but strong citrusy smell, I could hear my peelings crackling as they were removed from the Tangelo’s flesh. As I bit into one of the Tangelo’s segments, SQUIRT! All of its juice squirted onto my face. The Tangelo was as sweet as a red, ripe strawberry, and as juicy as a crisp watermelon. The Tangelo was a fruit, full of flavour.

My Reflection
I was learning to write a descriptive piece of writing and choose descriptive words and adjectives. I think I did well in choosing adjectives and onomatopoeia. Next time I think I could do better by adding more detail about the smells of the tangelo. I enjoyed writing descriptively about the tangelo it was fun.

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