Monday, August 14, 2017

Te Reo Maori Quiz

Two weeks ago Te Ngahere made Te Reo Maori Quizzes. Our WALT was to: Ask and answer questions about classroom items. We made our quizzes on google slides. We could work in pairs or by our selves. We added pictures of items from a classroom and put 2+ Te Reo words underneath the item we linked the correct word to the correct answer slide and the wrong word/s to the wrong answer slide. So when someone clicks the correct answer it would take you to the correct slide and if they click the wrong slide then the link takes you to the wrong slide which says: Kahore, try again, kia kaha and supportive words. We got to decorate it however we wanted to, and add Maori art for backgrounds and things like that. I had fun making my Te Reo Maori Quiz with Aliyah. We had fun choosing items to put into our slide and learning what some of the items translate too.

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